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Best Gift Ever

I received a pretty awesome pirated copy of “The Wire” for my birthday. Among other hilarious miscues, the cover features Bunk, Sydnor, Freemon, and Bubbles arrayed against the Sydney skyline. The artist presumably thought that Sydney’s waterfront was a decent stand-in for Baltimore, but then forgot to remove the painfully-apparent Sydney Opera House from the picture.


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That settles it

How could I not vote for Barack after watching an ad like this?

Unless, of course, McCain delivers Deadwood.

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There’s been plenty of commentary on The Wire’s astonishing lack of critical accolades, but did this woman even watch the show? Sample graf (emphasis mine):

“The Wire” was grand, sprawling, magnificent tv, but it was not the kind of show where you could latch on to a main character or characters. No one was especially sympathetic. And the closest the show came to having a flesh-and-blood central protagonist was McNulty, who was a complete asshole. I myself was in love with Stringer Bell–but they killed him off without a backward glance in Season 3. And Omar was fabulous, but he flitted in and out and was never fleshed out enough to work as a lead. This dearth of characters to relate to or even pull for likely goes a long way toward explaining why viewers never flocked to the show. (Well that, and it was so relentlessly grim.) But it may also go a long way toward explaining why Emmy voters never embraced it: “The Wire” was easy to appreciate but tough to love. And the series’ artistry aside, many members of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (who, after all, aren’t exactly a bunch of high-brow critics) may prefer their shows more personally and emotionally engaging than David Simon was ever willing to allow his to be.

Maybe it’s my fratboytarian instincts, but I always thought McNulty was a lovable rogue. That said, her larger point is so far off the deep end I’m seriously questioning if we were watching the same show. A paucity of lovable characters? Really? Bubbles? Prezbo? Kima? Herc and Carv? The kids from Season 4? Am I going insane or did she just doze off in the middle of season one?

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