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Purchasing Power

Culture11 has a heartbreaking piece on the demise of the New York Sun. Now that the paper is dead and gone, I feel slightly guilty for never subscribing. That said, I would have missed out on the Sun entirely had Eli Lake (the paper’s national security correspondent) not appeared regularly on Bloggingheads, which probably says something about the challenges facing print journalism in a changing media environment.

The Sun’s untimely death has prompted me to reconsider subscribing to print newspapers, however. In high school, I was an avid user of several file-sharing platforms, including Napster and Kazaa. My convenient rationalization was that most bands were already quite rich and could easily afford to lose revenue to media piracy. Of course, the bands I enjoyed listening to tended towards the obscure, which eventually made me realize that I should start paying something for their products. To this day I try to buy CDs and attend shows fairly regularly. Given how much (free) media I consume, I think shelling out a few bones to keep the endangered newspaper business afloat is a worthy enterprise.


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