High Standards

Despite its (not wholly undeserved) reputation as a haven for neoconservative hacks, I like The Weekly Standard. My affection for the magazine stems from three things: 1) I steer clear of Kristol, Barnes and the blog 2) the editors have the good sense to pander to the all-important, marginally-employed 20-something demographic by making most of their articles available online for free and 3) every few issues, Matt Labash writes another fantastic cover story.

His best work can be found here and here – a profile of Democratic strategist Dave “Mudcat” Saunders and a heartbreaking cover story on Detroit. This month’s issue features a new Labash article on Facebook (via Plumb Lines) that isn’t quite in the same league, but give it a read anyway – it’s still pretty damn funny:

The hardest to watch fall, however, has been my wife. I’ll call her “Alana,” since that’s her name (but note to Face-tards: Don’t try to friend her to heckle me, she will not receive you). A few months back, she became a hardcore Facebook addict, as our late 30s age group has become the fastest-growing Facebook segment (35-54 year-olds have increased 276.4 percent to nearly 7 million users in just the last six months). There are worse things she could become, I suppose: a Meth dealer, a UPS delivery-man groupie, a Twitterer. Still, it’s unsettling.



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2 responses to “High Standards

  1. David Schaengold

    That Detroit piece was indeed amazing. As an enthusiast of decaying cities, I enjoy all the attention the blogosphere gives to Motor City.

  2. By all accounts, Detroit deserves a better fate. It really does sound like a pretty neat city.

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