How it feels to be something on

Anthony Lane is pretty funny:

The world of the graphic novel is a curious one. For every masterwork, such as “Persepolis” or “Maus,” there seem to be shelves of cod mythology and rainy dystopias, patrolled by rock-jawed heroes and their melon-breasted sidekicks. Fans of the stuff are masonically loyal, prickling with a defensiveness and an ardor that not even Wagnerians can match. One lord of the genre is a glowering, hairy Englishman named Alan Moore, the coauthor of “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” and “V for Vendetta.” Both of these have been turned into motion pictures; the first was merely an egregious waste of money, time, and talent, whereas the second was not quite as enjoyable as tripping over barbed wire and falling nose first into a nettle patch.

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  1. Scott

    And Alan Moore hated both of those movies. As well as ‘From Hell’ another of his great works made into a bad movie. In fact, he objects so much to people using his work in film now, that he refuses to have his name on it. Watchmen is a perfect example – he believes that any film of his best work would cheapen the work so much that he won’t even be credited with it on the film. I believe that’s been his policy since ‘V for Vendetta’ or whichever came first.

    Graphic novels are much like any other art medium – for every great work, there’s loads of not great work.

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