The Weekender

Alternatives to selling plasma.

– Mark Thompson is the Energizer Bunny of the Liberaltarian movement.

– I always make fun of my Polish girlfriend for her country’s near-monopoly on goofy names. After this, she may have the last laugh.

I’m coaching/judging a debate tournament for the next few days, so blogging will be light. Enjoy your weekend.


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One response to “The Weekender

  1. Heh. Hopefully I’m done. Though I wish I did a better job answering your question. Then again, I don’t necessarily have to discuss liber-al-tarianism to do it.

    In my defense, the “Frankenstein’s Monster” post was more about conservatism than liber-al-tarianism.

    But a short, short answer to your original question is that I don’t think it’s possible (much less practical) to form a political coalition that is purely aligned on philosophical grounds. But at some point the coalition that you’re in becomes so ideologically incoherent as to make you lose sight of your philosophy in the first place. At some point, you have to revisit the foundations of your philosophy and at least nominally leave the coalition, even if only temporarily, to make sure that you’re really advancing the principles you think you’re advancing.

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