A common – and, to my mind, persuasive – defense of industrial agriculture is that it’s necessary to prevent food scarcity, so it’s comforting to know that humane treatment can actually enhance the quality and quantity of agricultural products.



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2 responses to “Milk’d

  1. There was a great sequence on How It’s Made about modern automated dairy farming. In short, they do everything that can possibly done to reduce animal stress, which in turn increase the yield and quality of the milk.

    Watching the cows stand in line to enter the automated milking machine was hilarious!

  2. Alex

    I was similarly amazed at this How It’s Made episode; I’ve been to dairy farms where cows are “hooked in” twice a day in not-so-savory conditions, and this high-tech setup seems a lot more bovine friendly (not to mention efficient). The cows literally run the place. For those who are interested, the bit where the cows are waiting in line is about halfway through, but it’s worth watching in entirety:

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