It’s rare to stumble across an unambiguously racist comment on a putatively mainstream political website, so I was pretty shocked when this popped up  (emphasis mine):

Setting aside the fact that Israel is a friend to the Western world while many Palestinians would prefer to see us dead, that Israel wants peace and the Palestinians want genocide, and that the Pals are a pathetic, parasitic, backwards, savage, unsympathetic people who wouldn’t know what to do with a state if they had it, consider the message that is sent when the world backs these sort of tactics.

The word “racist” gets thrown around with aplomb these days, so it’s important to distinguish between bog-standard blogospheric vitriol and a few cold, hard facts. Describing the Palestinian people as uniformly savage and parasitic is about as racist as you can get.

A few months ago, William Brafford wrote about my least-favorite political disclaimer: “Yes, I’m a conservative, but not that kind of conservative.” I won’t pretend that my disgust with the movement’s ugly underbelly is somehow representative of the Republican Party’s welldocumented troubles with the youth vote, but the fact that a movement organ will publish something like this without batting an eye says something extremely disturbing about the state of American conservatism.

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