Kilmer Watch

Sickness and a debate tournament at the Naval Academy prevented me from posting over the weekend, but now I’m back to full strength. While I doubt anyone outside of my immediate circle of friends cares, the tournament was pretty awesome, culminating in Mary Washington victories in both the JV and varsity divisions.

In completely unrelated news, Val Kilmer is mulling a run for governor of New Mexico:

Actor Val Kilmer — or Batman, to millions of Americans — is strongly considering a run for New Mexico governor in 2011, when Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson will be term-limited out of office.

At Monday’s Huffington Post party at the Newseum, Kilmer said he has been approached to run for the highest office of the state where he owns a ranch and has family roots.

“Actually, they’ve asked me to run for governor,” he said, not specifying who “they” are. “People seem to want me to.”

His reaction?

“I love my state and I love the people,” Kilmer said.

The actor who succeeded Michael Keaton as the Caped Crusader could have a problem, however.

He’s been a prominent supporter of Ralph Nader’s independent bid for the White House, and gave money to Nader over President Obama in 2008.

I wholeheartedly and unreservedly endorse this development.



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4 responses to “Kilmer Watch

  1. “Or Batman to millions of Americans”? What? I call shenanigans. Val Kilmer is exactly one man: Doc Holliday. He’s the reason another Wyatt Earp movie can never be made–because nobody owns that role like Val Kilmer. “I’m yor huckleberry…”

  2. Doc Holiday was a great turn, but I’ll always associate Kilmer with Madmartigan. Wyatt Earp was compromised by Michael Biehn’s awful attempt to play a villain, whereas “Willow” is one of the most underrated films of the ’80s.

  3. Michael Biehn is fantastic in that movie…”Won’t anyone play for blood?” Tombstone is full of great little B-list cameos…Powers Boothe, Charlton Heston, Billy Zane, Michael Rooker…I could go on.

  4. I’m sorry Sonny, but I can’t watch this scene without cracking up:

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