Murdering the Classics

This is JL Wall’s wheelhouse, but these papers from a Western Heritage course at SUNY Oswego are too funny not to link to. Here’s my favorite:

On Homer’s Odyssey, more or less: “Most of Athens took place in the Labronze age after time emerged again, giving rise to Plato. But first Homer had to write down his Odissy in the alphabet, which The Golden Ass would also use in telling the story of Lucious.” [In this essay, the term “the Labronze age” occurs a half-dozen times. Editor’s Note: Perhaps the young scholar has confused 4th-century Athens with the “LeBron Age” (circa A.D. 2003-), named in honor of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ all-star forward]

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  1. JL Wall

    I don’t know whether this is precisely what I need to see before heading off to the first class of the new year, or precisely the opposite. It may be soul-crushing — but hilarious still.

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