Getting Old

The ‘fork has released the first half of its highly-anticipated “100 best songs of the year” and I’ve listened to, like, three of them. I think that means my awareness of contemporary music is now roughly equivalent to my parents’, which is depressing, because I used to keep up with this sort of thing religiously. These days, I just want to huddle up with my old Built to Spill albums.  At age 23, isn’t it a bit premature to become a curmudgeon?



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3 responses to “Getting Old

  1. Alex

    If any of the songs “blazed” 18 at a time on WPGC don’t make the list of best songs this year according to Pitchfork, it doesn’t mean you’re old, it means your listening to the wrong station.

  2. Elizabeth

    I’ve heard … 9.

  3. Elizabeth –

    That’s only going to make me feel better if you’re also a recovering hipster.

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