The Answer

  • Truehoop’s Henry Abbott has a great post on Allen Iverson’s legendary crossover. He also includes a link to this forgotten gem from ’97 (watch until the end – MJ makes a cameo appearance):
  • David Friedman continues to chronicle the NBA’s woefully inconsistent approach to scoring assists. I’m not sure if there’s a solution for stat-padding, though, because the definition of an assist – a pass that plays an important role in creating a scoring opportunity – seems fairly subjective.
  • The Obama White House – Team of Ballers?


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3 responses to “The Answer

  1. I seem to recall a game winning crossover jump shot MJ made which is one of the most famous in history. The one where he jumps in the air for a fist pump afterward to celebrate.

  2. No insult intended to MJ, who was undoubtedly a better player than Iverson. I just thought the anatomy of Iverson’s crossover dribble was interesting.

  3. Haha great clip. Still don’t think that AI is that good (look at the work of Dave Berri at The Wages of Wins blog), but this was a great video.

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