The Beast and Dragon, Adored

Via Culture11, it seems Rolling Stone has turned out another inane “best of” list. This time, it’s the greatest singers of the “rock era,” which presumably means none of their staff writers knew enough about music to write an entry on Billie Holiday or Frank Sinatra. Well, whatever. I haven’t taken Rolling Stone seriously since some hapless intern penned this gem (sample line: “Mark Tremonti’s playing and Scott Stapp’s gorgeously able tenor-baritone cohere with striking symmetry and synchronicity. Ironically, for a band known by its critics for its overblown romanticism, what’s remarkable about Creed’s album is its rich restraint”). But, inspired by Brafford’s ode to Merge Records, I will take the opportunity to praise one of my favorite singers of the modern era.

Had he found fame in the ’60s or ’70s, Spoon’s Brit Daniels would have undoubtedly become one of classic rock’s signature voices – up there with Jagger or Marc Bolan. As it stands, Spoon continues to churn out album after excellent album, but they’ve never broken through beyond their sizable cult following. And that’s too bad, because Daniels has one of the sexiest voices in rock ‘n’ roll. I can’t really do justice to Spoon’s sound because my command of musical terminology is terribly deficient, so suffice it to say that Daniels sounds exactly like a rock star should. His range is also fantastic – from cock-strutting rock to minimalist romantic longing to funk, pure and simple. So give Spoon a listen. They’re pretty great.


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  1. You’re so right. I’d listen to that guy sing the alphabet. (Especially if he brought his rhythm section along…)

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