Ceasefire II

Rod Dreher doesn’t see it happening:

“I have to vote in favor of love and against hate.”

So said Laura von Harten, a county official in South Carolina, explaining this week to fellow county commissioners why she will not vote to approve a rezoning request by a local Catholic parish. (Video here.) This Unitarian Universalist finds her “dignity” affronted because she couldn’t be a priest if she were a Catholic, and she is inflamed over the Roman church’s intent to “control women’s uteruses.” Therefore, as a matter of justice and human rights, she has no choice but to vote against this parish’s rezoning request.

Truly, never in the history of the age-old struggle for progress and equality has there been a more courageous, intelligent and principled stance against the malign forces of reaction and oppression.

See, this is how it happens: using moralistic, therapeutic language to deny religious people even the most banal liberties. Granted, this Low Country Pasionaria is a deeply silly person — elevating denial of a routine zoning request to a statement of ideological principle — but her method is familiar. We shall be seeing more of this.

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