Nathan Hodge urges Obama to ditch the mercenary industry:

If rule of law is what we are selling, why do we employ a private army of men who are above that same rule of law? Doesn’t the constant, abrupt appearances of convoys of terrified diplos or politicians guarded by tattooed skinheads say more about America’s intentions to the population of Iraq and Afghanistan than a billion dollars in smiley face psyops crap ever could? Does a government selling the idea of freedom and liberty hiding behind armor plating and tricked out M4s seem … well, hollow and false?  Americans are good, honest and perhaps overly good intentioned. Paying them $80 – $250,000 to provide expertise and do good things has warped our and our host countries’ sense of values and purpose. So why do we need to buy something that America is so eager to give freely?

Read the whole thing. And then bookmark Danger Room.

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