Ericka Andersen is way too familiar with my social circle

To wit:

As a 27-year-old single, I’m thinking surely, there exist mature, respectful, marriage-minded men, but I don’t know them. I’ve met guys lately who fit exactly the profile Hymowitz discusses. One guy’s life focused almost solely on the Redskins, poker, beer pong and fantasy football. He quotes Anchorman incessantly. Oh yeah, and if bored, he plays “Madden.” Another, who also quoted Anchorman incessantly, claimed he valued his freedom too much to make plans with the girls he was dating on a regular basis. His relationships usually last two months. I’ve met the “still live with my parents” guys and 31-year-olds with well-worn copies of Old School and a kitchen full of beer cans.

There has got to be some happy compromise between marrying at twenty-two and perpetual adolescence. We just haven’t found it yet.


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