Frum Leaves National Review

From the Times:

Now David Frum, a prominent conservative writer who enmeshed himself in a minor dustup during the campaign by turning negative on Governor Palin, is leaving, too. In an interview, he said he planned to leave the magazine, where he writes a popular blog, to strike out on his own on the Web.

“The answers to the Republican dilemma are not obvious and we need a vibrant discussion,” he said. “I think a little more distance can help everybody do a better job of keeping their temper.”

UPDATE: Here’s more:

Mr. Frum said deciding to leave was amicable, but distancing himself from the magazine founded by his idol, Mr. Buckley, was not a hard decision. He said the controversy over Governor Palin’s nomination for vice president was “symbolic of a lot of differences” between his views and those of National Review’s.

“I am really and truly frightened by the collapse of support for the Republican Party by the young and the educated,” he said.

Why is National Review so eager to part ways with dissenting voices? I’m sure the split was amicable, but shouldn’t editors make more of an effort to keep interesting contrarians on board? I can’t say I agree with Frum on everything, but the GOP’s current state is an eloquent testament to the need to encourage vigorous intramural debate.



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2 responses to “Frum Leaves National Review

  1. One wonders whether the departing dissenters will, themselves, coalesce into some kind of coherent alternative source of insight and analysis. Doesn’t line up with what Frum has said, but it’s still fun and exciting to speculate.

  2. I like Frum as a writer, and I’m intrigued by his idea of starting a personal website a la Andrew Sullivan. To be honest, the thought of a bunch of individuals duking it out across the blogosphere is more appealing to me than the emergence of another set of competing institutions. More fluidity, less constraints on subject matter, less organizational bickering – it all sounds good to me.

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