Dear God

If viewing pornography veers dangerously close to adultery, what category of infidelity does cheating on your wife with a Second Life avatar fall under?

UPDATE: I’m speechless:

Ms Taylor’s suspicions were aroused in 2007 and she hired a Second Life private investigator. The virtual sleuth, called Markie MacDonald, caught Dave Barmy in flagrante and he apologised to his online and real world wives.

UPDATE II: Here’s an interesting hypothetical. Which would hurt more: a partner’s much-regretted one night stand or a lengthy virtual affair over Second Life? I admit I’m conflicted – the latter implies a deeper emotional betrayal, but the former actually, errr, happened. For what it’s worth, my girlfriend was more offended by the prospect of a Second Life dalliance. Now I’m off to tell SheilaStar2212 that it’s all over . . .


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