Wednesday Morning Quarterback

Despite an unhealthy obsession with Brett Favre, I usually enjoy reading Peter King’s MMQB column for Sports Illustrated. This week, he included a segment on football players’ responses to the presidential election. Pretty moving stuff, and I’d recommend giving it a read even if you’re not into sports. But now, the fans have spoken (from King’s mailbag):

“This is the last time I ever read your column, Peter. I got so sick of reading Michael Silver’s liberal opinions that I stopped reading him. You have finally pushed me too far. Electing a black man president is a good thing. Electing Barack Obama president, a closet socialist with questionable ties to terrorists, felons, and racists, well, it’s just a sad day for our country. I am permanently through with your column and watching any TV show you are on. Goodbye, Comrade.”



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