The Way Back

The Other McCain is in rare form today:

Conservatives don’t need a global-warming plan, or a poverty plan, or a health-care plan. We ought to be arguing instead that the problems liberals now “plan” to solve are either non-existent (e.g., global warming) or else are largely the result of the last generation’s liberal “plan.” But the inferiority complex of conservative intellectuals requires that they offer up plans of their own to address these problems — problems that have nothing to do with the just powers of a constitutionally limited government, the true meaning of the Constitution being the main thing we conservatives ought to be trying to conserve!

Leaving aside the idiocy of denying the existence of real problems, it’s worth noting that as a matter of practical politics, the Republican Coalition is hemorrhaging educated professionals at an alarming rate. Is global warming denial really the best way to go about winning a demographic that places a premium on competence, expertise, and, well, science? I doubt it, which is why I’m glad we have access to a bevy of smart, conservative proposals on the subject that are entirely consonant with a philosophy of limited government. Recognizing the existence of certain problems does not demand ideological capitulation further down the road. Plugging our ears, on the other hand, makes it all too easy for liberals (and disgruntled conservatives) to caricature the GOP as the stupid party.


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