Best Election Ever

But what will we blog about when all is said and done?

Also, macaroni and cheese plus hot dogs plus Pabst Blue Ribbon = REAL AMERICA!

UPDATE: Holy Crap! Wolf Blitzer just beamed a correspondent’s hologram into the studio. They say it was the first time in history the technique has been used on live TV. Fortunately, your intrepid correspondent has found a recording:

UPDATE II: All the networks’ female correspondents are young, attractive, and well-dressed. The best-looking males, on the other hand, are Anderson Cooper and Mike Murphy.

UPDATE III: Maybe I haven’t watched enough cable TV lately, but Chuck Todd’s faux-Colosseum is pretty damn creepy.

UPDATE IV: Marc Ambinder says only “sixteen percent” of Hillary Clinton voters in Ohio are voting for McCain. Sounds like a pretty big number to my untrained ears.

UPDATE V: You stay classy, California GOP.

UPDATE VI: Friend of the blog Clint reports that he was too lazy to vote fooled by a prankster’s ill-timed e-mail informing George Mason University students that the election was pushed back to November 5.

UPDATE VII: Obama wins PA? So much for a McCain revival . . .

UPDATE VIII: Sununu lost . . . He’ll be missed . . .

UPDATE IX: Three friends of the blog – all Virginia residents – were unaware that Gilmore was running for Senate until this evening. Ahhh, democracy!

UPDATE X: Listening to anchors on the local NBC affiliate try to make the Maryland race sound competitive is faintly amusing.

UPDATE XI: Georgia stays loyal to the GOP. Can’t say I’m too surprised.

UPDATE XII: How many tributes to Tim Russert can they fit into one freakin’ broadcast?

UPDATE XIII: Friend of the Blog Jenn on Chuck Todd: “What are you doing, weird guy?”

UPDATE XIV: Blog Girlfriend: “The CNN newsroom is making me seasick.”

UPDATE XV: Virginia leaning towards Obama?

8:55: Friend of the Blog J suggests I start using time-stamps.

8:58: From a local CBS correspondent [WUSA 9] – Anonymous Republican: “If Obama wins, I’m giving up my citizenship.”

9:02: Friend of the Blog J: “Arizona’s too close to call – that’s not a good sign.” Friend of the Blog Clint: “Turnout’s at zero . . . ”

9:04: Friend of the Blog Marc Ambinder (err, not really): “A very senior McCain aide just told me: ‘At this point, we need a miracle.’ ”

9:07: Friend of the Blog J on the Republican after-party: “Shhhhhhh! McCain’s probably sleeping.”

9:14: Did David Paterson just compare Obama to Henry V?

9:15: Rudy’s tie is atrocious – and Brian Williams just reminded him that he was widely expected to win the Republican primary. Ouch.

9:29: Ohio goes blue. Looks like Obama’s well on his way to victory.

9:31: Obama wins New Mexico. I’m pretty sure NBC’s electoral super-computer makes Brian Williams obsolete.

9:33: Words of wisdom from Chuck Todd: “If Obama wins California . . .” If?!?!?!?!

9:45: I can only hope that the odious Michelle Bachmann loses tonight.

10:03: Friend of the Blog J calls Virginia for Obama. Still awaiting the networks . . .

It looks like Obama pulled it off. Pretty astounding stuff. I’m crashing like airplanes.


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