Back to Sarah

According to a new CBS poll, the biggest reason voters switched from McCain to Obama was McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as running-mate. I’m suspicious of polls that suggest a single explanation for a losing campaign, and I think it’s impossible to separate the candidates’ personalities from strategic and electoral considerations, but CBS’s findings confirm something I’ve heard anecdotally for quite some time now. Friends and acquaintances who would have otherwise voted for McCain shook their heads in disgust at the Palin pick and are now either sitting the election out or reluctantly pulling the trigger for Obama.

My circle of friends skews toward recent college graduates, and I think it’s likely that young twenty-somethings are more susceptible to SNL mockery and media skepticism than other demographics, but proponents of Palin in 2012 should consider a serious media makeover before reintroducing her to the general public.


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