Well Said

I thought this was generous of Ed Whelan:

If Barack Obama is elected next Tuesday, his election will be seen as a striking symbol of yet further progress towards respecting the American ideal that “all Men are created equal.” Insofar as our fellow citizens who have endured, and continue to endure, discrimination and other indignities because of the color of their skin would take special joy in that symbolic achievement, I would extend them my genuine congratulations and find some consolation in their joy.

Whelan goes on to argue that Obama will be a bad president, which is a perfectly reasonable (if somewhat over-stated) position, but I think more conservatives should take note of the way he frames the discussion. Barring an absolutely catastrophic first term, the election of Barack Obama as President will be a singular event in United States history. I anticipate tearing my hair out over his administration’s policies, but conservatives risk looking petty and small-minded if they spend election night carping about Khalidi, Ayers et. al. For what it’s worth, I think John McCain’s decision to publicly congratulate Obama for winning the Democratic nomination represents a better approach:

Also, you heard it here first: if McCain loses, he’ll deliver an extremely gracious concession speech. The Republican base will hate him for it, but the media will swoon.


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