Shawn Macomber:

Our man J.Peter Freire gives the Obama infomercial a well-deserved spanking over at Culture 11. Predictably, critics in the comments section call our Managing Editor an angry idiot while simultaneously lamenting the loss of thoughtful discourse–you know, the kind where you shellack the entire conservative movement outside of yourself and your holier-than-thou blogging buddies as a bunch of knuckle-dragging ninnies so that you might get an electronic pat on the head from Andrew Sullivan and a perfumed invitation to the pseudo-intellectual circle jerk that has suddenly become the hottest ticket in town for pretty young right-wing things in D.C.–not to mention for some not-so-pretty-or-young right-wing things.

Admission is cheap enough: Mostly a willingness to hate on the squares you frequently agree with to curry favor with those cool cats who would fit you with fangs & horns if your ideas ever approached anything resembling politically feasibility. At first the approach is kind of a turn-off, but, then…Oh, the way you cut your condescending pretentiousness with knowing pop culture references! And who wouldn’t want to become smarter than everyone else just by saying it is so?

I admit this made me laugh out loud. Freire’s take on the Obama infomercial is also quite good. I just think it’s worth remembering that argument, discussion, and friendly debate are not the same as ideological capitulation. The point of politics, after all, is persuasion.


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