That’s odd . . .

I could have sworn that one William Kristol was a member of our “highly educated and sophisticated elite.” Perhaps this is his round-about way of taking responsibility for the Iraq debacle?

Most of the recent mistakes of American public policy, and most of the contemporary delusions of American public life, haven’t come from an ignorant and excitable public. They’ve been produced by highly educated and sophisticated elites.

Needless to say, the public’s not always right, and public opinion’s not always responsible. But as publics go, the American public has a pretty good track record.

Read the whole thing for your daily dose of pseudo-populism. Despite Kristol’s incessant cheer-leading, Palin did not emerge from the wilderness as the pristine, unadulterated Voice of the American People. She’s a talented Alaskan politician who was pulled off the GOP bench because she plays well with a national audience. No amount of “say it ain’t so, Joes” and “golly gees” are going to transform the Republican ticket into a genuine expression of the public’s frustration with the status quo.

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