National Review Pushes Buckley Out The Door

Well, that’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.

Once again demonstrating the conservative movement’s appreciation for dissent, dialog, and mutual toleration, National Review and Christopher Buckley have decided to part ways over the latter’s Obama endorsement. The alacrity with which National Review accepted Buckley’s resignation – not to mention conservatives’ extremely unpleasant reaction to his (tentative) support for Obama – are proof enough of Republican idiocy:

Since my Obama endorsement, Kathleen [Kathleen Parker – another conservative Palin skeptic] and I have become BFFs and now trade incoming hate-mails. No one has yet suggested my dear old Mum should have aborted me, but it’s pretty darned angry out there in Right Wing Land. One editor at National Review—a friend of 30 years—emailed me that he thought my opinions “cretinous.” One thoughtful correspondent, who feels that I have “betrayed”—the b-word has been much used in all this—my father and the conservative movement generally, said he plans to devote the rest of his life to getting people to cancel their subscriptions to National Review. But there was one bright spot: To those who wrote me to demand, “Cancel my subscription,” I was able to quote the title of my father’s last book, a delicious compendium of his NR “Notes and Asides”: Cancel Your Own Goddam Subscription.

From National Review, Rich Lowry’s version is rather different:

Chris is up with a post at The Daily Beast, “Sorry, Dad, I Was Fired.” I’d like to clarify this “firing” business. Over the weekend, Chris wrote us a jaunty e-mail with the subject line “A Sincere Offer,” in which he offered to resign his column on NR’s back page and said that if we accepted, there “would be no hard feelings, only warmest regards and understanding.” We took the offer sincerely. Chris had done us the favor of writing the column beginning seven issues ago on a “trial basis” (his words), while our regular back-page columnist, Mark Steyn, was on hiatus. Now, Mark is back to writing again, and—I’m delighted to say—will be on NR’s back-page in the new issue.

Thank goodness the conservative movement’s flagship magazine has managed to preserve its stable of complete hacks incisive political observers. Later generations will surely speak of Steyn, Mark Levin, Victor Davis Hanson, and the inimitable K-Lo in the same breath as Russell Kirk, Buckley the Elder, H.L. Mencken, and Albert Nock.

UPDATE: Arch-conservative, errr, flaming liberal Heather Mac Donald of the quasi-socialist Manhattan Institute has the temerity to express her own disenchantment with the Palin pick. Ready the tar and feathers!


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