Have I Soured On Palin?

In a word: yes.

And this sort of thing isn’t helping. Here, for example, is Palin on the freedom of the press:

“As we send our young men and women overseas in a war zone to fight for democracy and freedoms, including freedom of the press, we’ve really got to have a mutually beneficial relationship here with those fighting the freedom of the press, and then the press, though not taking advantage and exploiting a situation, perhaps they would want to capture and abuse the privilege. We just want truth, we want fairness, we want balance.”

Here’s Palin on her inability to understand American jurisprudence:

“And that’s fair, right, and on that one, true, I shouldn’t have been so flippant and just sort of brushed aside that,” Palin said, “because it was an important question and I should have answered it, and yeah, I can cite a lot of cases that I absolutely disagree with the Supreme Court on.”

If this is Palin’s idea of being flippant, I’d hate to see it when she simply doesn’t know the answer to a question.


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