A Stark Choice?

One salutary effect of our looming fiscal crisis is that Andrew Sullivan has been thrown off the scent of Trig Palin’s umbilical cord. Here’s his latest offering on the financial crisis.

I sympathize with a lot of what he says. But I also worry that we’re substituting guilty-by-association name-calling for real analysis. As I’ve written earlier, I have serious reservations about throwing up to $700 billion at the Treasury Department. But I also know that our liberal (in the broadest sense of the word) society is a precious, fragile thing. Both its detractors and supporters acknowledge that broad-based economic growth undergirds liberal legitimacy, and I fear our pluralistic social model won’t survive sustained economic upheaval. In short, I’ll take a bad bailout over the next Great Depression, though I’m not yet convinced our choice is that stark.


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