Georgia State – Day 3

Mary Washington KS ended up 6-2 on the day, losing their final round to Michigan State. This morning they’re debating an Oklahoma team in double-octo finals (the round of 32). Assuming they beat Oklahoma, they’ll advance to the proverbial ‘Sweet 16’. Tournaments like Georgia State are pretty massive affairs (100+ teams compete in the varsity division alone), so qualifying for elims is an impressive accomplishmen in of itself. Going deep in elimination rounds is almost unprecedented for a team from Mary Washington, but KS has the potential to make some noise.

Go Eagles!

UPDATE: Beat Oklahoma on a 3-0 (all three judges voted for Mary Washington). Based on seeding and bracket positions, we think KS will hit a Wake Forest team in their octo-final round.

UPDATE II: Gulp. They’re hitting Wake’s top team in octo-finals. This is the same team that won the National Debate Tournament last year, so KS will definitely be an underdog.

UPDATE III: They lost on a 3-0. But what a run! A promising start to what’s sure to be an outstanding year. I’m pretty sure KS is the first Mary Washington team in school history to advance to octo-finals at Georgia State.


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