Georgia State – Days 1 & 2

Four rounds into the tournament and Mary Washington KS is up 3-1. This morning they beat teams from Dartmouth and Trinity, but after a grueling twelve hour day, further updates have been pretty sparse. In an eight round tournament, most teams have to go 6-2 to qualify for elims. A lucky few will sneak in with five wins by virtue of high speaker points (points awarded based on the judges’ assessment of  individual speaking skills), but this is a chancy option. After another four rounds tomorrow, we’ll see where KS ends up.

On a related note, if anyone boasts intimate knowledge of US-Brazilian diplomatic relations, feel free to drop me a line. Looks like I’ll be cutting some updates on the subject tonight.

UPDATE: KS hit teams from Emory and the University of Central Oklahoma Sunday morning. No word yet on how they did.

UPDATE II: KS is 5-1 going into round seven. They’re hitting one of Emory’s better teams, but if they win this one, they’re guaranteed to qualify for elims tomorrow. Consider my fingers crossed.

UPDATE III: Yahtzee! KS just beat Emory. One more round and we’re done for the day, but no matter what happens, they’ve qualified for elims.

UPDATE IV: Next up is a very good Michigan State team.


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